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If your looking for a unique artistic eye, a sensitive soul and a creative mind: you found me.

If you need a photographer for your website, interiors, portraits, social networks, events, business need, or simply because you always wanted to do that crazy photoshoot of your own self, I’m your girl. I’m a very proud Montrealer now living in Cyprus. As far as I go back in years, film and photography has always been part of my life. From a passion to a profession, theses disciplines became a second nature for me, part of my everyday life always pushing my creativity to infinity.


I built a solid 20 years of tv production experiences as a director for major players in North American TV and broadcast industry such as Radio-Canada, Artv, Explora, MuchMusic, MusiquePlus, MusiMax. In 2019, I started studying photography with worldwide teachers and I just completed a short course with University of Arts of London, UK.

Throughout my career, I excelled in assembling and directing teams in order to deliver highest artistic contents always with a very unique and creative style. I also obtain prestigious North American awards for my work.



« What you seek, is seeking you » Rumi


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